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        Scaffolding by setting the form can be divided into several categories

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        (1) single-row scaffolding only a row of pole scaffolding, the other side of its horizontal flat rod resting on the wall structure.

        (2) Double row scaffolding Scaffolding with two rows of poles.

        (3) Multi-row scaffolding Scaffolding with more than three rows of poles.

        (4) full of scaffolding full by the scope of construction operations, two directions each have more than 3 rows of pole scaffolding.

        (5) Full scaffolding Press the wall or the maximum height of construction work, from the ground full of scaffolding.

        (6) Intersection (surrounding) Scaffolding Scaffolding is provided along the periphery of a building or work area and connected with each other.

        (7) Special scaffolding Scaffolding has a special plane and space shape, such as for chimneys, water towers, cooling towers and other planes are round, circular, "outside the inner circle" shape, polygons and on the expansion, shrinkage and other special Form of construction scaffolding.

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